Sooby sets date for fully electric Solterra

Riley Riley

Subaru has confirmed its fully electric Solterra will arrive next year.

Built on new all-electric vehicle architecture, Subaru promises Solterra will provide an electric offering that will not compromise the brand’s distinctive features and abilities.

Subaru’s Blair Read said it will deliver a vehicle that existing customers can feel is truly a Subaru.

He said Solterra starts a new era for Subaru by combining electric vehicle technology with Symmetrical All Wheel Drive.

“This delivers the all-terrain capability Subaru owners have enjoyed for decades,” he said.

“We look forward to sharing more about the Solterra with Australians soon.”

Solterra has been developed jointly with Toyota.

As with their BRZ/Toyota 86 partnership, Solterra’s Toyota counterpart is the bZ4X, while the “e-Subaru Global Platform” (e-SGP) is a copy of the Toyota e-TNGA platform.

Available in two and all-wheel drive form, power comes from a 71.4kWh lithium-ion battery pack, together with a 150kW electric motor for the front wheels and 80kW unit for the rear in all-wheel drive models such as the Solterra.

In the all-wheel drive, total output is 160kW.

Maximum range meanwhile is 460km for the all-wheel drive version (WLTP).

No word yet on how long it takes to charge.

The new e-Subaru Global Platform delivers a superior driving experience with high stability and linear handling.

The high-capacity battery packs are located under the floor which results in a lower centre of gravity and better handling.

Like the other Subaru SUVs, Solterra comes with X-Mode, along with new Grip Control that enables the vehicle to maintain a constant speed while remaining stable — even on rough roads.

Solterra’s cabin layout represents Subaru’s design philosophy: Visibility, Simplicity and Ease-of-use.

Essential information for safe driving is displayed on a low-mounted instrument panel and high-visibility console.

It appears the only thing missing from Solterra is a “boxer” engine, or make that a boxer electric motor?


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