Santa comes early for GT-R fans

Riley Riley

‘Tis the season to be jolly . . . well almost.

Nissan GT-R fans have even more reason to rejoice with news just to hand that the company will be replicating some parts for the sporty classic.

It means the difference between life and death for some cars, as owners struggle to keep them on the road.

The parts go on sale December 1 in Japan as part of the new NISMO Heritage program, a joint activity of Nissan Motor Co. Ltd, Nissan Motor Sports International Co. Ltd, Autech Japan, Inc, and their suppliers.

First cab off the rank will be be the R32 Skyline GT-R made between August 1989 and January 1995.

Bathurst victory.

The R32 is better known to Aussies as Godzilla, the car that claimed victory at Bathurst in 1991 and 1992, as well as the Australian Touring Car Championship in both years.

The car received many accolades during its life but it was the GT-R’s inclusion in the Gran Turismo video game series that cemented its iconic status.

NISMO has had a close relationship with Nissan Skyline GT-R owners for many years.

After studying the remanufacturing and resupplying of discontinued parts for the R32, especially ones that are indispensable for the car to drive or to pass regular vehicle inspections in Japan – NISMO has decided to sell about 80 parts at the outset of the program.

These include harnesses, hoses (tubes), emblems and other exterior components. Further consideration will be given to expanding the range of R32 parts on offer, as well as broadening the program’s scope to include the R33 and R34 GT-R models.

When certain parts can’t be reproduced due to operational difficulties at original suppliers, NISMO will consider methods of replacing these parts using substitute, rebuilt or overhauled products – as well as NISMO-tuned parts.

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