1952 Jaguar C-Type

Rare Jags cross the floor

Riley Riley

Some of the world’s rarest and historically significant Jaguars will be offered for sale for the first time.

The ‘Jaguar Sports Car Collection’ contains 12 of the most collectible and valuable Jaguars in existence.

It’s the life work of notable car collector, Dr Christian Jenny.

Since falling in love with the marque in the early 70s, Jenny has been dedicated to building a collection of Jaguar sports cars that spans the most definitive period of the company’s development.

So significant is the collection, that a hardback book titled ‘The Jaguar Sports Car Collection; A Personal Endeavour’, was published in 2014.

Among the collection is the first ever Jaguar sports car prototype, the first ever E-Type to be seen in public and the famous ‘lost C-Type’.

Offered for sale individually, the collection presents Jaguar and classic car aficionados with a once in a lifetime opportunity to acquire an exquisite piece of Jaguar history, each in concours condition and restored by the finest marque specialists.

“This is without a doubt one of the most impressive and important collections of Jaguars in the world,” founder of Pendine Historic Cars, James Mitchell, said.

Based at Bicester Heritage in the UK, Pendine is handling the sale of the cars.

“Each car in the collection represents a key milestone through the marque’s early history. Not only have some of these incredible cars played important roles in automotive cultural history, but they are also among the best examples in the world.”

The 1935 Jaguar S.S. 90 Prototype for sale is the first ever Jaguar sports car made and the car that would launch Sir William Lyons’ and Jaguar’s successful motor sport campaign at the very beginning of the marque’s sporting history.

The 1961 Jaguar E-Type in the collection is the first E-Type ever seen in public when it was unveiled to the press and VIP guests at the Geneva Motor Show.

As one of the very first hand-built, pre-production prototype examples of the model which changed Jaguar’s history forever, this is considered one of the most important non-competition Jaguars in the world.

A hugely significant historic race car in the collection is the 1952 Jaguar C-Type, known as the ‘lost C-Type’ after it became the only one of the 53 examples unaccounted for between the late 60s until 1997.

Today it is regarded as one of the greatest ever sports racing cars of the 1950s.

Also in the collection is the first ever production 1935 S.S. 90 to leave the factory, a 1937 S.S. 100 2.2 litre, 1938 S.S. 100 3.5 litre, 1950 XK120 Alloy, 1950 XK120 Roadster, 1955 XK140 Roadster, 1960 XK150 3.8S Roadster, 1961 E-Type and a 1972 V12 Roadster.

Each car in the collection, currently located in Switzerland, has been meticulously maintained and stored in a dedicated subterranean garage.

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