Peugeot 3008 Plug in Hybrid
Peugeot 3008 Plug in Hybrid

Peugeot gets to the point

Riley Riley


Peugeot has added two plug-in hybrids to its line up, a 3008 SUV and 508 Fastback.

But, given the number of cars it currently sells in this country, the hybrids represent a very big gamble.

They may be green, or is it blue these days — but the price could give even diehard Pug followers pause for thought.

To put the new arrivals in perspective, Peugeot’s top of the line 3008 GT Sport SUV is $54,990. Top of the line 508 GT Fastback meanwhile is $57,490.

Priced at $79,990, that means the 3008 GT Sport Plug-in Hybrid AWD is $25,000 more  and at $76,990, 508 GT Fastback Plug-in Hybrid is $19,500 more.

The 3008 hybrid offers 222kW of power, with a combination of a 147kW PureTech petrol engine and two electric motors: one at the front developing 81kW and the second coupled to the rear train with 83kW.

It can travel 60km on electric power alone.

The 5008 Fastback delivers 165kW of power, with a combination of a 133kW PureTech petrol engine and 81kW electric motor.

Electric range is 55km.

Ahead of the official launch in the first quarter of next year, Peugeot Australia will offer an exclusive test drive program in select dealerships.

Peugeot boss Kate Gillis said the company had made a commitment to have an electrified variant across the entire model line-up by 2025.

“It is with great anticipation and excitement that we take our first steps in the Australian market with the introduction of the Peugeot 3008 GT Sport Plug-in Hybrid AWD and Peugeot 508 GT Fastback Plug-in Hybrid,” she said.

“The introduction of our plug-in hybrid electric vehicles allows Peugeot to enter a new segment for the brand and reach a new audience of Australian consumers.

“Peugeot’s plug-in hybrid electric vehicles offer our customers versatility, allowing them to experience 100% electric driving whilst maintaining the choice to utilise the traditional combustion engine for longer journeys.”

Interested customers are invited to contact their local Peugeot dealership to discuss exclusive access to test drive opportunities prior to the official launch.


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