IF you’ve just woken up to the zombie apocalypse or simply want traffic to get out of your way, here’s the vehicle you need: the Rezvani Tank.

It’s actually an SUV, one with excellent offroad capabilities, and although it looks like something the army or police tactical response team might drive – it has luxurious accommodation inside.

The Tank is the first vehicle of its kind from respected Californian car maker Rezvani, better known for its spectacular sports cars.

Under the optional Kevlar armour the Tank uses a 6.4-litre Fiat Chrysler V8 tuned to produce 375kW/585Nm and although it’s built on a Jeep Wrangler chassis, its suspension and 4×4 drivetrain are from specialist aftermarket suppliers.

The Off-Road package comes with 37×12.5-inch knobbly tyres, a Dynatrac ProRock 44/60 axle set with an electronically locking differential and 2.5-inch Fox, remote-reservoir shocks.

The Off-Road Extreme package has one-inch wider tyres, ProRock XD60/80 axles with air lockers and an air compressor, Dynatrac ProGrip brakes and 2.5-inch Fox internal bypass shocks with dual-speed compression selection.

Inside, you can have hand-stitched leather seats, a microsuede headliner, a 7.9-inch infotainment screen with loads of apps and a head-up display.

Standard kit includes LED foglights and a roof-mounted LED light bar.

But for a few dollars more you can also get  a tow bar and winch, auto-extending side steps, thermal night-vision cameras, military grade run-flat tyres, Kevlar armoured body panels, bullet-proof glass and underbody protection.

So the Tank can be whatever you want it to be.

Rezvani describe it as  a ‘tactical urban vehicle’ or an ‘extreme utility vehicle.’

Prices start from $US178,500 (about $230,000 here) and first deliveries will be made by Christmas this year.


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Perfect wheels for the zombie apocalypse


Bill Buys, probably Australia’s longest-serving motoring writer, has been at his craft for more than five decades. Athough motoring has always been in his DNA, he was also night crime reporter, foreign page editor and later chief reporter of the famed Rand Daily Mail. He’s twice been shot at, attacked by a rhinoceros and had several chilling experiences in aircraft. His experience includes stints in traffic law enforcement, motor racing and rallying and writing for a variety of local and international publications. He has covered countless events, ranging from world motor shows and Formula 1 Grands Prix to Targa tarmac and round-the-houses meetings. A motoring tragic, he has owned more than 90 cars. Somewhat of a nostalgic, he has a special interest in classic cars. He is the father of Targa star Robert Buys, who often adds his expertise to Bill’s reviews.
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