New Lotus Eletre an electric SUV

Riley Riley

No prizes for guessing Lotus’ all-new car was going to be an SUV and an electric one at that.

Named the Eletre, it’s not the first electric model from the company, but it is the first SUV, as well as being the first five-door and first model that is not a sports car.

It’s also the first Lotus to be designed and built in China.

Lotus is chasing sales, a large slice of the action and to do that it has decided to go mainstream, at the risk of denigrating the brand.

Eletre takes the heart and soul of the Emira sports car and the revolutionary aero performance of the all-electric Evija hypercar, and reinterprets them as a “Hyper-SUV”.

Lotus says it takes the core principles and Lotus DNA from more than 70 years of sports car design and engineering, and evolves them into a desirable all-new lifestyle car for the next generation of customers.

At the same time, it has done this while carefully respecting the company’s famed expertise in the fields of ride and handling, steering and optimised aerodynamics.

With 447kW of power and all-wheel drive, Eletre has a battery capacity of more than 100kWh and a projected WLTP driving range of about 600km.

Technology includes the most advanced active aerodynamics package on any production SUV, with intelligent driving technologies such as the world’s first deployable Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) system in a production car.

A dynamic walk-up sequence delivers some theatre when the driver approaches the car, heralding the birth of a new icon into the Lotus stable.

Known until two days ago only by its Lotus codename, Type 132, the Eletre is described as a globally relevant product and a shining halo of sustainable mobility for a worldwide audience.

Embodying emotion, intelligence and prestige, the company believes it will extend the reach of the Lotus name, badge and renowned driver engagement to a new audience.

And yet it remains a true Lotus, a beautiful car ‘carved by air’, packed with pioneering technology, genuine sporting performance and simplicity of purpose, designed and developed by a passionate and global team.

Eletre is built on Lotus’ all-new and highly versatile Electric Premium Architecture (EPA).

The low-to-the-ground design means outstanding handling, and the EPA can easily adapt to accommodate C+ to E+ vehicle class battery sizes, motors, component layouts and intelligent driving technologies.

The platform will be the basis for an all-new range of premium lifestyle performance electric vehicles from Lotus, including two more SUVs and a sports car.

Led by the Eletre, these cars will catapult Lotus into a new era of higher retail volumes and significant revenues (show me the money).

The all-new and all-electric Lotus Eletre is a striking and progressive Hyper-SUV – the first of a new breed of pure electric SUVs.

Lotus Cars Managing Director,Matt Windle, said the Eletre is a bold and revolutionary new car, delivering on our commitment to move Lotus into completely new automotive segments as we widen our global appeal and accessibility.

“This is a momentous point in our history and a clear signal of our ongoing desire to transform our business.

“It is a true Lotus, and we’re confident it will delight performance car customers and offer a distinct alternative to the segment’s established players.

“The Eletre has the soul of a Lotus and the usability of an SUV. Alongside the Emira sports car, this is the perfect two-car garage from Lotus.”

Lotus Eletre is on sale now across global markets, with first customer deliveries in 2023 starting in China, the UK and Europe.


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