Mini upsizes Cooper with the Works

Riley Riley

With another 55kW of power, the latest John Cooper Works Mini will be the quickest model offered yet in Australia.  

Extensive changes to the four-cylinder TwinPower Turbo petrol engine lift output from 170 to an impressive 225kW — a 32 per cent increase over the previous model.

Maximum torque meanwhile is 450Nm.

Both the Mini JCW Clubman and JCW Countryman are fitted with the Mini ALL4 all-wheel-drive system as standard to harness the engine’s full potential and put power to the ground.

As a result the JCW Clubman dispatches the dash from 0-100km/h in a rapid 4.9 seconds.

The JCW Countryman wagon has also been updated with the new engine, but being larger and heavier puts away the dash in 5.1 seconds.

The engine upgrades come with substantial specification updates for both models, along with new transmissions for petrol Clubman and Countryman and an increased level of equipment for the Cooper S Clubman variant that will be offered without a price premium.   

“Spirited driving fun has been quintessential to the Mini experience since our brand’s inception in 1959, and the JCW engine update will make the new JCW Clubman a true firecracker, ideal for performance-loving Australians,” Mini Australia boss, Brett Waudby, said.

“We are delighted to also offer this impressive engine in the JCW Countryman – which adds a whole new dimension to the way that car drives – while providing key updates to the Cooper S Clubman and upgrading our transmission offerings as part of our ongoing plan to broaden and freshen our line-up for MINI customers.”    

MINI JCW Clubman, which will also be available in a motorsport-inspired ‘Pure’ guise, will arrive in Australia alongside the new JCW Countryman, updated Cooper S Clubman and revised petrol Clubman and Countryman models in the final quarter of the year.

The 55kW power increase for the JCW engine is the result of wholesale internal revisions including a reinforced crankshaft drive, new pistons with modified compression, adapted connecting rods with bushless bracket, modified injection valves with increased flow rate and a newly developed exhaust turbocharger with integrated air-diverter valves.

Power is transferred via a new torque-optimised, shift-by-wire eight-speed Steptronic sports transmission that delivers rapid shifts while also featuring Launch Control for race-style starts.

Along with all-wheel drive, a mechanical limited slip differential also aids front end grip and prevents torque steer.

An enhanced JCW sports braking system, which comprises ventilated 18-inch front discs (360×30) and ventilated 17-inch rear axle brake discs (330×20), provides the stopping power to match.

The braking system features efficient cooling channel geometry, improved fatigue endurance and a sporty brake pedal feel for improved performance.

Ride height has also been lowered by 10mm on the JCW models to optimise handling.

In conjunction with increased camber values and an extremely rigid chassis structure, the JCW Clubman and JCW Countryman deliver heightened agility and a new level of cornering pace.   

The front styling package of the new MINI JCW Clubman includes new bumpers and a revised grille and splitter that showcase dynamic intent and highlight model-specific character.

Revised LED headlights with full elliptical LED DTR light and LED Union Jack tail lights illuminate the rear and highlight the new rear bumper in signature MINI style.

The new grille and head and tail light designs also apply to the updated Cooper S Clubman.

Prices for the new John Cooper Works models start from $57,900 for the Pure or $62,900 for the Clubman, while the JCW Countryman will set you back $65,900.

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