Lexus adds to the electric tally

Riley Riley

Lexus reveals its first fully electric model will be UX 300e.

This year it says 33 per cent of Australian customers have selected a hybrid petrol-electric Lexus, four percentage points higher than last year.

It confirms that luxury customers are embracing electrified technology that both lower emissions and increase driving enjoyment.

Lexus Australia plans to introduce the UX 300e in November next year, alongside a commitment to deliver unrivalled customer care, with ‘Lexus solutions’ in areas such as recharging to be integrated within the Encore owner benefits program.

Lexus Australia boss Scott Thompson said the time is right to expand the electrified portfolio in Australia and ensure customers have the luxury of choice with an advanced powertrain.

“We are privileged to have had overwhelmingly positive feedback from luxury customers who have owned Lexus self-charging hybrid electric vehicles, confirming that we committed to this pioneering technology at the right time,” Mr Thompson said.

“The ‘right time’ also guides the introduction of the first all-electric Lexus.

“Between now and when the UX 300e arrives in November 2021, we will ensure that all-electric Lexus ownership equals the unwavering standards of owning a Lexus self-charging hybrid electric vehicle.”


The 300e will become the flagship UX and build on the success of UX 200 petrol and UX 250h hybrid variants that have been on sale in Australia since December 2018.

It offers maximum power of 150kW and torque of 300Nm, incorporating a high-output motor and high-capacity lithium-ion battery that can deliver a 400km driving range under certain driving conditions.

The 300e takes about 50 minutes to charge with a quick charger or about seven hours using a household AC charging.

Maximum efficiency for the motor, inverter, gears and battery has been advanced from the development of the popular UX 250h hybrid.

It also benefits from the high body rigidity and low centre of gravity provided by the GA-C platform, in order to maintain excellent handling stability.

The suspension has been tuned to target the same high steering response and high ride comfort as the hybrid.

Shock-absorber damping force has been optimised to match the additional weight of the batteries.

A Drive Mode Select function is designed to assist the management of smooth acceleration and deceleration.

Paddle shifters can be used in a similar manner to engine braking, providing four levels of regeneration on deceleration.

The distinctive design of the SUV remains intact, while the aerodynamic performance benefits from the application of special wheels and an underbody cover.

At the same time, UX 300e has one of the quietest cabins in its class.


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