Remember Hyundai’s Soapbox racer, otherwise known as a billy cart in Australia?

Well, a camouflaged version of Hyundai Motor’s new Hyundai Soapbox has been spotted undergoing testing.

In recent weeks, the company’s first ever Soapbox has been fine-tuned for durability at Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Centre (HMETC).

A new video shows the model completing its last steps of quality assurance.

Though the vehicle is camouflaged, its unmistakable angular design, joystick steering, and plywood platform point to the Hyundai Soapbox.

“Testing is an important part of any vehicle design process. We built the Hyundai Soapbox just like a regular car, so of course we couldn’t skip the testing,” Hyundai Europe’s Design Centre Thomas Burkle said.

“It was also ideal to have a test driver who also fit with our target customer group.”

The test driver praised the Hyundai Soapbox’s ergonomic seating position and joystick steering, though he said the acceleration could be improved.

Hyundai Motor developed the Hyundai Soapbox ride as a way to promote quality time between people.

Parents are encouraged to build and drive the soapbox together with their kids, and groups of friends can build one together.

The motorless vehicle is made from materials which are available at any hardware store, and the instructions to build it are freely available online.


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It's a slippery soap for this billy cart


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