Think of ride sharing services and thoughts turn immediately to Uber.

People don’t think and certainly do not expect a company such as like Holden which is in the business of selling cars to also be part of the ride share system.

But Holden begs to differ.

It’s been just on a year since they unveiled what’s called “Maven Gig”.

People that wish to be part of “the gig economy”, which includes Uber and Uber Eats, can effectively hire a car from Holden for a minimum four-week term, and choose from a range of cars too.

It’s a pretty solid package. Drivers pay a set amount per week and are covered for unlimited kilometres, insurance, service and maintenance — and receive 24-hour roadside assistance.

The cars available include Barina (from $215 per week), Trax (from $225), to the Astra hatch and sedan (from $240 and $260).

The Captiva was available, but with the release of the Equinox, it’s presumed that this may take over.

Maven Australia general manager Matthew Rattray-Wood said Maven Gig is a service for people who want to drive in the ride-share industry.

The business itself has expanded quickly and currently boats more than 1000 members in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Brisbane.

“The first year has shown us that there is a strong appetite for our service in Australia,” Rattray-Wood said.

“As we look to the future we are diving deeper into the sharing side of the business, exploring apps, and which other opportunities there are to provide new mobility solutions for businesses and individuals.”

For details go to here

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Rent a Holden and drive for Uber


Dave Conole hails from Perth where he co-hosted a car show on one of the city's major community radio stations. Although he's had formal training in stage, TV, and film, it's his face for radio that gave him his start in the automotive field, both reviewing and motorsport commentary. After moving to Sydney in 2004, Dave has worked for some of Australia's biggest media groups and is the anchor commentator at Sydney Motorsport Park. This has lead to anchoring major events such as the Top Gear Festival (and, no, he didn't get punched by Jeremy).
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