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Hidden A9X Torana attracts $275,000

Riley Riley

Old Holdens like the Torana never die, they just become more valuable.

Or so it seems if the $275,000 paid for a 1977 Holden LX Torana A9X Hatchback on Monday night is any indication.

It was an outstanding result but nowhere near as impressive as the $705,000 paid last year for a race spec A9X that had been driven by Bob Morris.

A 1977 Torana SS A9X also sold in January last year for $260,000 while Shannons auctioned a similar car back in 2011 for $149,000

For most Holden tragics the legendary A9X remains the ultimate Torana and arguably GM-H’s finest muscle car, a homologation weapon that kept Holden at the top of the game in one of the greatest eras of touring car racing.

A development of the successful L34, the A9X was designed to meet new ADR anti-pollution laws in 1976, and became the first Holden to feature disc brakes on all four wheels.

Built in limited numbers, the A9X option was available on both the SL/R 5000 sedan and SS hatchback LX Toranas, with just 305 sedans, 100 hatchbacks and a further 33 GMP&A lightweight shells for race cars produced.

The car auctioned this week was delivered to its original owner in the Sydney suburb of Homebush back in 1978.

By the mid-1980s records show it was bought by someone named Ferkula who had its authenticity verified by the NRMA.

Since then it has passed through the hands of at least one more Sydney owner before it was last purchased in 1990.

With just 94,184km on the clock, the car was stashed under covers in a storage unit for 27 years by its new owner.

Finished in Jasmine Yellow and with slate black vinyl upholstery, the A9X comes with log books, including a letter of authenticity from the NRMA.

It still has the original spare in the boot too.

Shannon’s describes the car as being in “surprisingly good mechanical health”.

Other standout Aussie results from the auction:

  • $86,000 given for a fabulous ‘time warp’ first-generation 1969 Holden HK Monaro 186 Automatic Coupe that had been in the hands of its long-term lady owner for 47 years
  • $69,000 paid for a restored and ultra-rare Holden HQ GTS 350 V8, four-speed manual sedan
  • $45,000 for a restored, Australian-built 997cc Mini Cooper coming from long-term ownership.

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