Aussies love a beer and so too it seems do the Romanians.

Like us they are described as among the heaviest beer drinkers in the world, with an annual beer consumption of over 100 litres per person – at least when they did the count in 2007.

To put this in perspective Germany was the main producer of

beer in the EU last year, with 8.31 billion litre or 21 per cent of total production.

Next was the UK (5.14 billion litres), Poland (4.04 billion litres), Spain (3.70 billion litres), Netherlands (2.64 billion litres), Belgium (2.29 billion litres), France (1.88 billion litres), and the Czech Republic (1.86 billion litres) – with Romania (1.76 billion litres) rounding out the field.

The fact the Romanian Government considers beer and wine to be foodstuffs, rather than alcoholic beverages – probably contributes to its widespread availability and consumption.

Because it’s not booze and therefore not subject to the usual tariffs and restrictions, it makes the stuff cheaper than in some countries like our own and we hear tell they even sell some cheaper brands of beer in 2 litre plas

tic bottles – just like bloody soft drinks.

All of which brings us to Ursus (latin for bear), one of the best-selling beers in Romania and creators of our featured, mind-boggling advertisement.

Viewed one way it is three green beer stubbies, but seen the other . . . well you’ve got to laugh because I know what it looks like to us.

The Romanians even have a beer drinking game called Beer Pong.

Also known as Beirut, it is a drinking game that involves athleticism, strategy and experience.

There are many different ways to play Beer Pong, but the most widespread version is the 10-cup triangle.

Just like in 10-pin bowling, 10 cups are laid out in a triangle, each either a quarter or third filled with beer – whatever you decide.

The game is played by two or more teams of two who’s goal is to eliminate their opponents beers by shooting a ping pong ball into their cups.

If the ball lands in a cup (known as a ‘make’), the contents of that cup are consumed by the other team and the cup is removed from the table.

The first team to eliminate all of the opponent’s cups is the winner.

Hint: you’ll need a a water cup to rinse the ping pong balls

between shots.

There are many different rules and forms of the game, depending on country and choice, but one rule remains common to all – you must finish your beer.

It’s only fair if everyone is drinking.

Thank you Ursus and Romania.

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It's beer o'clock in Romania


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