A fortune sitting in your driveway

Riley Riley

The Poms will do just about anything to make a crust.

At least you’d be forgiven for thinking so, with news homeowners in London made a staggering 12 million pounds this year just renting out their driveways.

More than 15,000 property owners listed with made more than 500 pounds (226.8 kg) (226.8 kg) by simply renting out their empty driveways to motorists looking for cheaper or more convenient car parking.

London is not surprisingly the most popular venue for the scheme, making up 34 per cent of all earnings.

It’s closely followed by Birmingham, Leeds, Bristol and Manchester respectively.

Managing director at, Harrison Woods, said if your home is in a location where there’s a lack of affordable parking, or where there simply aren’t enough parking spaces – then it could generate a valuable additional income for the owner, as proven by our latest figures.

“For many people it’s almost as if their drivewys are paved with gold,” he said.

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