I forgive you Tim, but I don’t know about FIFA?

I’m not the biggest soccer fan.

Don’t try to tell me it’s called football. It’s called soccer in Australia.

If you want to call it Football, why is our national team called the Socceroos?

Anyway, I was watching the Socceroos play Syria last Tuesday night, while also keeping abreast of social media.

It is what I call multi-tasking.

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A friend on Facebook was playing a game called Kruze Control.

Every time Robbie Kruse lost control of the ball, he had to skol his drink.

He reckoned that he would be legless by fulltime.

I bet he sobered up rather quickly when Robbie Kruse set up a beautiful cross for Tim Cahill to head home the winner.

What a fantastic effort from Tim Cahill.

At age 38 he continues to prove that age is no barrier if you have the desire.

Cahill scored both goals to ensure that Australia is still alive in our pursuit of another World Cup berth.

Cahill is famous for his goal celebrations.

His usual celebration is to run to the corner flag and shadow box with it.

After his matchwinner, Cahill first made a T symbol with his hands.

I thought he was signalling time out, but he was apparently making reference to online travel agency TripAdeal – for whom he is a brand ambassador.

Cahill has previously held his hands together, as if handcuffed, in support of his brother who was gaoled for grievous bodily harm.

FIFA is investigating and may issue a hefty fine.

I’ve previously said that I think sportspeople have the right to bring attention to causes that they feel strongly about.

But  I am not as comfortable with high profile sportspeople using their time on the international stage to promote their own product – something that benefits them financially.

By all means use your name to promote a sponsor, but not in the middle of a game.

Given all that Cahill has done for sport in this country, I will let this one slide.

I’m not sure that FIFA will be as lenient?

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