At one time the Seekers were bigger than The Beatles in Australia.

Georgy Girl was a massive hit around the world, along with many other tunes, and so it was that Holden approached lead singer Judith Durham to do some TV commercials.

Judith Durham

The “breakaway” commercials aired in 1969-70 and In payment the singer allegedly received a brand new LC Torana GTR, in Kashmir white with a black vinyl roof.

Info about the transaction is a little thin on the ground.

Born Judith Mavis Cock in 1943 in Essendon, Victoria, she dropped the Cock in favour of her mother’s maiden name as her stage name.

With broad appeal The Seekers set an all-time record for attendance in 1967, when more than 200,000 people turned out for their performance at the Myer Music Bowl – one tenth of the city’s entire population at that time.

In May 2013, during The Seekers’ Golden Jubilee tour, Durham suffered a stroke which impaired her ability to read and write – both visual language and musical scores.

Her singing ability however was not affected by the stroke.




Durham received GTR for commercials


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