Countdown: top 10 killer games of 2017

We count down the top 10 games of the last 12 months, with 2017 well and truly fixed in the rear view mirror.
The year 2017 saw a huge variety of superb releases, and there were plenty of original ideas and imaginative offerings.
Here is our selection, counting backwards from 10 with the numero uno at the bottom of the article — that is for those patient enough to wait and scroll down.


south park the fractured but whole 25

10) South Park: The Fractured But Whole

Featuring more flatulence per minute than any other game to date, The Fractured But Whole was more than just a one trick pony. The game also delivered superb combat, some really clever puzzles and plenty of genuinely funny moments. More than once the game serves up “I can’t believe they did that” moments and fans will love the many in jokes that relate to episodes of the TV series. The encounter with disgraced Subway spruiker Jared Fogle, is unforgettable. A deserving member of our top 10, even though it just snuck in.

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