Colouring in not just for kids

A new colouring in booklet for kids and adults alike features three classic Volkswagen models from the 1960s and 70s.

The small booklet is intended for both children and adults and is available as a free PDF download.

It’s the work of and features a VW Beetle, Bus, and Thing.

“Pretty much everyone knows what a VW Beetle looks like, but we’re hoping this PDF colouring booklet will be a fun way for enthusiasts to introduce the Bus and the Thing to their kids and grandkids,” says Rocco Demas, parts manager at

“We decided that a VW colouring book would be a fun freebie we could offer fans of all ages.”

Colouring in is often thought of as an activity for children.

However, according to research completed by Nancy Curry and Tim Kasser in 2005, colouring in has therapeutic benefits for adults.

The study showed that colouring in reduced anxiety levels in adults and as a result of this research, a new genre of adult colouring in books has emerged.

According to reporting from CNN, Huffington Post, and other news organisations, colouring in is used as a form of therapy for adults and provides positive mental health benefits.

Adults suffering from PTSD have also been encouraged to colour in.

The free Volkswagen colouring booklet features the VW models in three unique scenes of sun and sand.

Each scene is complex enough to be challenging to adults but simple enough to be appealing to children.

“As a true Volkswagen fan, I want these classics to live on forever,” says Demas.

“Maybe colouring a Bus or a Thing will spark the interest of a child, and they’ll become a lifelong enthusiast, too.”

You can download the pages here:

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