Cars we don’t get: Chevrolet Volt

Riley Riley

The Chevrolet Volt is the GM equivalent of the Toyota Prius, although both companies would beg to disagree.

We did take the Volt for a while, for three years from 2012, but badged as a Holden – the next version wasn’t made in right hand drive.

It’s ironic, because the Volt is probably the most satisfying and enjoyable of the hybrids we’ve driven, choc full of technology with plenty of dials to twiddle.

It was even, dare we say, fun to drive and there was no danger of running out of power with a small, conventional range extender petrol engine, that powered a generator not the wheels.

You could even set the on-board clock so the car would be fully charged by the time you were ready to leave for work in the morning, using cheaper off-peak electricity to save bucks.

You could recharge the Volt in less than six hours using a regular 10 amp household outlet.

A single charge by the way cost about $2.50.

The Volt had a pure electric range of up to 87km and a combined range of more than 600km.

We had a Volt for several weeks back when Holden was flogging them.

They sold about 240 of the cars before it was phased out in 2015.

The Volt looks terrific and the sporty four-seat arrangement, with two individual rear seats suited the car.

The interior with its white iPod style dash was striking.

The performance from the electric engine was more than adequate and it actually handled quite well too, not to mention being whisper quiet.

The only real problem we had with the car per se was the price, because at $60K it was just too damn expensive.

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