Bridging gap between bikes and music

Can’t find any definitive background on this Youtube video but it is very clever nevertheless.

It’s the first time we’ve seen it, so this will probably be the first time for many of our readers too?

In the video a violinist does a spectacular job of imitating a high performance, two stroke motorcycle — complete with up and down changes, on approach and fading into the distance.

Some versions of the video are accompanied by a father and son story about learning to play the violin, but we suspect this is a crock of the proverbial.

The name Duilio Galfetti has been associated with the piece, however, second violinist with the Swiss-based Orchestra della Svizzera Italiana.

In the hands of a talented musician the violin can almost be made to talk and it shows why the instrument, developed in the early 16th Century, has survived over the years.



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