Back to quirky for Citroen’s electric tiddler

Riley Riley

Less than a year after the debut of the AMI ONE Concept, Citroen’s Ami project is ready to take the leap into the future.

Citroen says Ami is a practical response to new mobility expectations for short journeys.

It provides easier access to city centres, micro-mobility for everyone, and a real alternative to scooters, bicycles, mopeds, or even public transport.

This solution comes at a reasonable cost too, with new modes of consumption geared towards digital, and more.

“For 100 years, Citroen has always been innovative and creative in democratising freedom of movement, says

Citroen Brand CEO, Vincent Cobée.

“This year, Citroen has come up with a new urban mobility solution accessible to everyone: compact, protective, 100 per cent electric, without driving licence and affordable.

“Ami – 100 per cent electric aims to be a real breakthrough in the access to urban mobility, a solution that is as close as possible to new modes of consumption.

“This great idea was just a concept one year ago, and we are proud that we have made it happen today.”


Ideal for multiple short trips in the city, whether it be going to a meeting, going to work, running an errand or going out for the evening, the two-seater has a range of up to 70km.

That’s a lot further than the average distance travelled by people living in urban areas, as well as those on the outskirts.

Its 5.5 kWh lithium-ion battery, housed flat under the floor, can be easily recharged via the on-board electric cable located in the passenger-side doorway.

Once the cable is plugged in, three hours are enough for a full charge on a conventional 220 volt socket.

Ami is designed as to be as simple as any everyday electric object.

Citroen says the tiny EV will be offered for a “breakthrough” price.

It will be available though car-sharing, long-term rental or traditional purchase.

The objective is to satisfy all of the travel needs of customers, whether they are occasional or regular, with family or friends, individual or shared.

Share is 44 cents per minute, rent is $34 per month or you will be able to buy the car outright from just over $10,000 Australian dollars.

But can it be fitted with a bullbar?


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