Another week, another electric hypercar

Riley Riley

Another week, another electric hypercar.

The unique, British, all-electric Dendrobium D-1 has made its public debut at stunning Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire, England.

Inspired by nature and rooted in technology, the company says the 1340kW hypercar fuses a respect for the environment with a design-driven approach to engineering.

The car has been developed with the support and expertise of F1’s Williams Advance Engineering, with a focus on technology embodied in sculpture.

With a target weight of 1750kg, the carbon fibre D-1, constructed with superlight and super strong advance composites and alloys, will have a true supercar feel with impressive linear performance.

Dendrobium 2

The lightweight construction of the D-1 is based on a unique Protocell carbon tub which has been skillfully engineered with future adaptability for further generations of Dendrobium e-performance cars.

In addition to its advanced technology, D-1 has enormous drama and presence thanks to its unique Bio-Aerial Locomotion door and roof opening system, inspired by the Dendrobium orchid plant from which the company takes its name.

The D-1’s interior is designed with the driver as the absolute centre of attention.

Contrasting with the predominantly black carbon fibre interior, the red body-hugging drivers’ sports seat features stitching and motifs inspired by human muscle fibres.

Chairman and CEO of Dendrobium Automotive, Nigel Gordon-Stewart said the D-1 uses the very latest in technology.

“We are developing what will be the most impressive all-electric hypercar,” he said.

“We are designing our own in-house all-electric power train and we plan to use our own power storage cells, moving to solid state as and when the technology is reliable and financially viable.

Mr Gordon-Stewart said the company is developing unique cabling and connector systems as well as our its complete vehicle integration and ADAS hardware and software.

“From a technical perspective, the D-1 will be a British engineering tour-de-force,” he said.

“You can be assured that the Dendrobium brand will become synonymous with the most exciting and technically sophisticated e-hypercars on the market and available globally.”

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