Hi Santa, I’d like a Porsche or Range Rover for Christmas?

Riley Riley

What does the top end of town want for Cristmas?

Porsches and Range Rovers are top of the list when it comes to the big ticket items.

That’s the message from JBR Capital which specialises in finance for high-end motor vehicles in the UK.

Benz, Audi and Ferrari round out the top five most sought after marques, with BMW a surprise absentee from the list.

The company reveals there is also a 40 per cent increase in “equity release” enquiries in the lead up to Christmas.

That’s because car owners want to free up the capital they have tied up in their shiny toys to cover pesky end-of-year costs, Christmas spending and holidays abroad.

The festive season also sees deals of higher value than at any other time of the year, with some prestige vehicles and supercars being bought as gifts, says the independent London-based financier.

“We have seen the same pattern year-on-year, with Range Rovers seemingly one of the favourite prestige purchases ahead of Christmas; a marque which is also popular with our customers during the rest of the calendar year,” Executive Chairman at JBR Capital, Darren Selig, said.

“Many clients like to splash out on gifts for loved ones in December, which to some may seem flashy but it is made possible through bespoke financing, and we pride ourselves on our competitive, tailored approach. So rather than having to find the cash, costs can be spread over time.

“On the other hand, equity release peaks in December, as this can be a very expensive time of year for everyone. Whether it’s buying presents, planning travel abroad or investments in property, releasing cash tied up in classics or supercars – vehicles that may be appreciating in value – can be a very smart move.”

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