Genovation’s GXE all-electric supercar has broken its own speed record.

The new world record for an electric car now stands at a lofty 340.9km/h.

Driven by Johnny Bohmer during Straight Line Aerodynamic Testing at the Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds at the Kennedy Space Centre, Merritt Island, Florida, the event was recorded, witnessed and certified by the International Mile Racing Association (IMRA).

“We are thrilled to be the only electric car manufacturer to not only test our vehicle’s record-breaking capabilities, but to validate and achieve this milestone not once, not twice, but three times,” Genovation’s Andrew Saul said.

“During the December test, we broke our previous speed record that was set in September of this same year.

“That earlier record run was hampered by strong crosswinds, so we were confident that under better weather conditions we could improve upon that result.

“Based on the early analysis of the data generated from the new record, we’re confident that we can gain efficiencies which will result in further top end speeds.”

The GXE is a Corvette converted to run on battery-electric power, but it’s much more than that, designed from the ground up to have a low centre of gravity and near perfect 50:50 weight distribution — in other words a true driver’s car.

The all-electric supercar comes with either a 7-speed manual – an exclusive for the category – or 8-speed paddle shift automatic transmission.

In normal driving operation, the GXE delivers a range of more than 280km on a full charge, imperative to ultra-high performance and efficient daily-driver convenience.

It’s no stripper model either, with programmable active suspension, carbon ceramic Brembo brakes, state-of-the-art carbon fibre wheels supplied by Carbon Revolution, ultra-high fidelity 10-speaker JBL stereo, 10.4-inch custom high definition centre console touchscreen and bespoke exterior and interior.

The Genovation GXE will be produced in a limited-edition run of 75 units, with initial customer deliveries scheduled in 2020.

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Whoops, broke that pesky record again!


Chris Riley has been a journalist for almost 40 years. He has spent half of his career as a writer, editor and production editor in newspapers, the rest of the time driving and writing about cars both in print and online. His love affair with cars began as a teenager with the purchase of an old VW Beetle, followed by another Beetle and a string of other cars on which he has wasted too much time and money. A self-confessed geek, he’s not afraid to ask the hard questions - at the risk of sounding silly.
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