To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the iconic 1969 Valiant Pacer, Chrysler Australia has created a custom, one of a kind Chrysler 300 SRT Pacer tribute.

In fact, the company plans to reintroduce the Pacer name, paying homage to the original with a custom wrapped high performance sedan based on the Chrysler 300 SRT Core.

Featuring a full vehicle wrap replicating the original Wild Yellow, the Pacer tribute is adorned with black side stripes and ‘Pacer 392’ decals on front quarter panels and rear boot lid.

The 20-inch Black Noise Alloy Wheels are enhanced with the striking red stripe seen on the wheels of the 1969 Pacer, matching the red front splitter decal with the Pacer logo and boot lid decal.

The 1969 Chrysler Valiant Pacer was built exclusively for the Australian market at the Chrysler factory in Adelaide, South Australia.

Targeted at Australians looking for a performance car, the Valiant Pacer was fitted with a 225 cubic inch slant six engine that produced 130kW and was paired with 3-speed manual gearbox.

Originally available in three colours – Blue and Red and Wild Yellow – the Valiant Pacer featured black exterior side stripes and red highlights accenting the grille and boot lid.

Signifying the performance credentials of the Valiant Pacer’s modified six-cylinder engine, the exterior styling was further decorated with its iconic ‘Pacer 225’ decals.

The tribute car comes of course with Chrysler’s kick-arse HEMI V8 that produces 350kW of power and 637Nm of torque.

All details from the original have been meticulously reproduced.

The Pacer 225 decals turned into Pacer 392, which represents the cubic inch capacity of the 6.4-litre V8.

The high-powered engine is paired with the advanced TorqueFlight ZF-8-speed automatic gearbox with Rotary E-shift, Launch Control and Rear Wheel Drive.

Even better Chrysler Australia has revealed a limited edition production model will be released soon.

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Headshot Riley 96x96 - Chrysler puts Pacer back on the boot


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