Frank Thring, who died in 1994, was an Australian character actor of radio, stage, television and film.

His career spanned more than 45 years, much of it spent alternating between stage, film and television.

Perhaps his most famous role was that of Pontius Pilate in the movie Ben-Hur (1959).

The thing I remember him most for was his droll delivery and as the baddie, Doctor Stark, in the Skippy television series when he tried to steal Skip and other animals from Waratah National Park.

He also acted in many commercials, including one way back in the day putting the wind up people who did not have a television licence (you used to need a licence or you could be fined).

Thring featured in numerous TV commercials and guest-starring roles on popular weekly series, variety programs and quiz shows, often dressed in black funereal attire and other sinister costumes.

But his acting career was interrupted by bouts of alcoholism and periods of ill health.

He was renowned for his home which featured on TV because it was painted black inside and out.

Thring died of cancer, aged 68.

Does anyone remember Frank Thring?


We can't tell you much about this bloke because we don't know his name. He comes into the office after everyone else has gone home, so we never get to see or talk to him. The one thing we do know however is that he does have a sense of humour
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